Campbell Harp Service

Lyon & Healy/ Salvi Harp Technicians Guild Member

  • What is included in a regulation?

Full-service regulation of the pedal harp. This covers all regular maintenance including: changing of pedal & slot felts, adjustment of base components of harp (springs, pedals, etc...), adjustment of pedal rods, diagnosis and/ or repair of noises & buzzes, and precision intonation of all strings in all pedal positions. To get the maximum benefit from your regulation, please follow the tips listed below.

  • How should I prepare my harp for regulation?

In order to get the maximum benefit from regulation, it is a good idea to replace any strings that are frayed, pitted, missing, or otherwise damaged. New strings take some time to stretch and consistently hold pitch, so I recommend changing them at least 3-4 days prior to regulation. Tune the harp daily to your desired concert pitch (A=440, 441, 442...). Make a list of any buzzes, noises, pedal issues, or any other problems you're experiencing.

  • What is the Technicians' Guild?

The Lyon & Healy/ Salvi Technicians' Guild is a group of highly-skilled harp technicians who have received extensive training in all aspects of harp maintenance and repair. New technicians must complete a rigorous apprenticeship at either the Lyon & Healy or Salvi factory before they are eligible to be admitted to the Guild. In addition to the training, Guild members have direct contact with the factory, are able to use OEM replacement parts, and are authorized to provide warranty service. Guild members also hold regular meetings to share knowledge, discuss best practices and the development of the instruments themselves.

  • Do you only work on Lyon & Healy harps?

No. I service all makes & models of both pedal and lever harp, including: Camac, Salvi, Swanson, Aoyama, Venus, Wurlitzer, and all types of lever harp.

  • Do you work for Lyon & Healy?

No. Although I maintain a close working relationship with the Lyon & Healy factory, I am an independent technician.

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